Is a duly licensed recruitment agency which started its operation to recruit and deploy Filipino workers in January 2002. During it initial years, our foreign principals were mainly from Asian countries of which Japan is our number one client. PAN ASIA INTERNATIONAL is an organization also affiliated with prestigious placement agencies in the Middle East and neighboring Asian countries. We offer great opportunities to Filipino professionals and skilled workers who intend to develop their skills in their chosen field of expertise.

    With the opening of better opportunities for Filipino workers, our company has widened its operations to other Asian countries in 2004 such as Taiwan and Brunei. At present, the country where the number of our deployed workers has tripled and is the no.1 destination of our Filipino workers is Taiwan for positions as Factory workers, Caretakers and Domestic helpers. PAN ASIA INTERNATIONAL'S continues cooperation with the leading Taiwan human resources company which is Pan Asia Human Resources Management & Consulting Corp gave PAN ASIA INTERNATIONAL a name in Taiwan as one of the Philippine leading manpower agency that you can rely on.

    Now, with a formidable team of dependable managers and expert office and recruitment staff pooling their resources from local and through out the Philippine archipelago backed by the revolutionary wonders of e-commerce, PAN ASIA INTERNATIONAL is successful in creating a strong link to the different foreign principals from industrialized countries such as Canada and Australia. In anticipation to the great demand of Filipino workers in these industrialized countries at present, we had also teamed up with local training and trade test centers for the purpose of getting the qualified worker to the required job abroad by our foreign principals.

    Come and experience the excellent customer focus we give to our business partners and clients! Let us help you fill in your manpower requirements with able professional and skilled Filipino workers.

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